How do I do animated overlays?

I read this story, Dirty Game, and the author had this one scene where there was a campfire (The once circled in the picture above) It was moving! Like a real campfire and not like up and down but the individual shapes where moving, it was so cool, does anyone know how to do it? It was like a GIF kinda thing with the shapes on loop.

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Yes, they animated frame by frame and loop it :scream:

you can break down a gif frame by frame, and upload all of them as overlays. then place them all on top of each other and adjust their opacity using the looping command

i wouldn’t mind coding one for you if you want!

@RudeInception has overlays and code in her drive for fire/flame :blush:

here is how to animate gif in infinite loop

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Ooohhh omg thank youu! Imma check this out right away!

Really? I’ll look for those thanks! :heart:

Edit: So I just checked em out and they’re the exact same from the story I read! Thanks so much for telling me about the drive!

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Really? thank you so muchh as soon as I find the overlays I’ll pm you if thats ok?

sure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: happy to help!

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