How do I do another animation in another zone

Hey! So I made up a code: @BREE spot 1.181 -146 304 AND BREE is sleep_uncomfortable , but I want her to do all of that in zone 2! Is that possible? And please comment down a code I can use :kissing_heart:

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@BREE spot 1.181 -146 304 in zone 2 AND BREE is sleep_uncomfortable?

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I’ll try this thanks!

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It shows her body sleeping on zone 1 then quickly her body goes to zone 2 I don’t think you’re correct

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Maybe you pan the zone to zone 2 and then spot direct her onto the spot onto zone 2? Sometimes spot directing is a bit weird with sleeping animations. (I haven’t been on episode coding for a while so sorry!)

it’s okay!

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You have to cut to go zone 2 and spot direct her so:

@CHAR spot x y z in zone 2

And then that character will still stay in that zone

ah, I’ll try this :stuck_out_tongue:

I want her to do an animation too though…

@CHAR spot x y z in zone 2 AND CHAR is animation

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