How do I do moving lips overlay while the character talks?

I’ve been spending hours today trying to figure out how to have a character overlay do moving lips while talking.
I’ve used the & command
And I know how to move the lips but how do I do I allow the character to have the moving lips while talking?
Im not sure how many people will know this because it is very advanced directing but if anyone does know please let me know.

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I think you need to put the character overlay exactly over the actual character. But make sure the overlays lips aren’t there. And make the character talk animation how you would do it usually…

&overlay sadhsaudisd
CHAR < ani if needed

if I unerstand right you made overlay from character and you have overlay for lips ?

in this case spot the “real characer ofscreen”

place overlay character an the lips on right lyers

and than loop the lips animation while the character is talking.

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