How do I do this? (Lol the titles taken)

How Do I do something like this? Putting the character in the screen? (I hope I worded that right lol)

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Do you mean resize the character facing rear?

Never mind I re read what you wrote, looks like you have done it right. overlay needs to be layered in front of her and shrink the girl on screen so it looks natural, which is what you have done. Is there an error in your script

you use overlays

So, you’ll need an overlay of the background with the area where the computer screen is cut out. Then you place the character behind the overlay at lower layer than the overlay and the character in front of the screen at a higher layer. You can play around with zooms and character positions to make it look more natural and use a normal background as the background for the character on the screen.

I hope that helped! If you want more help getting that to work with a specific example, feel free to PM me.