How do i do this the same time

    ANNEKE (kiss_cheek_give)
Hey Niels.

    NIELS (kiss_cheek_receive)
Hey Girl, I am glad you made it.


You might night to put AND then the script for the other person below


I don’t understand that.


ho do i write that because they have to say someting too.


Okay ask on the “Stupid questions get answered here” topic on the forums


Or a coding helper topic


there is not a code helping topic…


Search manna’s help thread


You can’t have two characters talking at the same time, but you can have them doing seperate actions while one is talking. You do this easiest by using the & sign with an animation for the character that’s not talking. Then follow up the action with a silent talk for the other character, or add a new animation that’s appropriate.

&NIELS is kiss_cheek_receive
ANNEKE (kiss_cheek_give)
Hey Niels.
Hey Girl, I’m glad you made it.



There are templates called Cheek kiss right and Cheek kiss left in the Writer Portal under script templates. They might help somehow.


ok i will do it like this, that is really helpfull thank you :kissing_heart:


@ANNEKE is kiss_cheek_give AND NIELS is kiss_cheeck_recieve

ANNEKE (talking command base on LL or Ink)
Hey Niels!

NIELS (talking command base on LL or Ink)
Hey girl, I’m glad you made it!


Happy to help. :upside_down_face:



It gives an error;


Remove the brackets for the ANNEKE animation kiss_cheek_give in your script - and don’t forget the is - and the error should be fixed,
In my example it was meant to be a speechbubble.



You could try &ANNEKE is kiss_cheek_give OR &ANNEKE starts kiss_cheek_give.


do what you did with Niels




remove ‘is’


Yeah, remove the is when doing dialog/ speech