How do I do this with reader messages?

Please help! Every time I try to make a reader message where there’s a top and a bottom message (that’s the best I could describe it lol) it doesn’t work. It shows as one line. How do I do it like in the screenshots below (in where Background Credit is on top and the username is at the bottom).

I’d try to code it to come out this way:

Background Credit

But it comes out this way…

Background Credit @whoevertheheckImtryingtocredit

I basically want it like the pictures below (screenshots from Beyond the Stage by @andreaelle and Switch by @Alusza)

readerMessage message here with messageTitle title here

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I’m still confused, lowkey. :sweat_smile: Could you give me an example?

like here’s something i’d put in my script

readerMessage @/amepisode with messageTitle Background Credit

make sure you capitalize the correct letters and the message title command makes the bolded title you showed in the examples

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for the longest. Thank you so much!!!

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