How do I do this

How do I make the character exit out without them walking as if it’s magic that it’s making them go.

@CHARACTER exits right/left AND CHARACTER does it while animation


@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y AND CHARACTER does it while animation

Just pick none walking animation :slight_smile:

It does it like this.

You mean that he is not going offscreen?

Yeah he is

I want it to look like he teleported them

Play around with different animations and timing maybe? :thinking:

Oh okay thank you

I am really not sure if I understand …do you want them to move to side just not using walking animation or actually disapear while being on place?

If you want them instantly dispapear “on spot” just use


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Or you can spot them to a offscreen position

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I did that thank you so much

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @sls.exe :lock: