How do I do this?

I saw the new feature where you can do a random character but idk where to go to get one…


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yes but how do I get to that?

it says right there.


You go to character and it’s there

she wants random characters.

Yeah I know

It gives you random charecters to edit and they already have names

there is nothing on my screen, @nemimutt

You haven’t written anything

just do this:
@CHARNAME stands screen center
make sure CHARNAME isn’t created yet
and it should pop up
and after that, you can remove @CHARNAME stands screen center

it;s the second chapter. do I need to write anything? cus I need a random character in the first scene

Get one from characters

she wants a random one, not a stock character.

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did it work?

That’s how you get it character then there’s a list

I don’t think you understand, boo. there’s a feature to create random characters, and that’s what she’s trying to do. she doesn’t want to use a stock character from the list

yes! It worked thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @ryan please close this thread

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lolll finally! glad I helpedd :heart:

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