How do I do... this?



How do I create this little thingy…
Is it only a thing that script templates have?


That’s a script template for letting your reader name your character.
Put in the parenteses next to the Done word (anyword you’d like - For example: NAME or FIRSTNAME or MC NAME or whatever you know?)
Your scipt is fine though. Nothing seems wrong.

For the grey-out section, it’s a method to shorten your scipt if you don’t want to scroll all the way through the script.
Put this symbole # in your script then write anything you want after that. Finally add a { as the beginning. After you’re done, end it with the #} to close your section.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough in my explanation!


I meant is there any way to create those little arrows.


They automatically appear when you use { and }. This is to make looking at choices/branching easier. :slight_smile:


I wrote it in my previous reply.


SORRY! I’m so stupid, I don’t now how my brain didn’t see that. :pensive:
Sorry for wasting your time, and thank you so much!


Thank you :relieved:


Glad I was able to help! :grin: