How do i do tweening?

If anyone knows how to do like tweening such as the story “without you” has custom movements.Ik people do it for authors and stuff,But I just want to know how they do it.


Oh thx for trying tho


whats tweening? :nerd_face:

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tweening is a key process in all types of animation, including computer animation. It is the process of generating intermediate frames between two images, called key frames, to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image.


Ohh didn’t understand anything :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Idk how to explain it in my way so just look up some tweening videos so you’ll understand

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Or you can read this episode story called “without you” it has tweening in it

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okay thanks I’ll read it :blush:

Most likely it involves a bunch of frames that includes limb overlays and coded the same way as a gif. Or uses a lot of spot directing with the overlays. I’m not 100% sure however, my best advice is to politely go and ask the author of “without you” if they’d be willing to inform you how it works and what steps go into tweening.

Thanks I never even thought of that.

I know how to do this.
I’ve pm’d you though it might not be explained very well. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the subject

Yea I got your message but if you don’t mind,Can you send me an example?

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Unfortunately, I accidentally logged into the portal on the wrong email account so I can’t actually access the examples right now but if you give me a few hours I’ll send some through.
I have however helped people learn it in the past, so I do know how to properly do it and can help you with this.

Thx I’ll give you time

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Sorry about that :joy:

I was doing school work and logged into the portal with my school account, it’s almost been 30days in a few hours so I’ll be able to get logged in then.

OKAY? :joy: :joy:

btw I did the same thing and I lost count on thirty days

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:rofl: I normally loose count but i set a reminder on my phone.

lucky :sleepy:

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If you have IG the author of without you (georgiasandersepisode ) has made a tutorial on this if you’re still looking :purple_heart: