How do i edit the same story on computer and on a phone?


How do i edit the same story on writers portal and on the episode app on my phone? I obviously cannot access my computer all the time and i find the mobile creator a bit easier to use.
Can someone help me???


I don’t think you can (or at least it doesn’t let me). Once you edit the story on a computer you can no longer write on your phone for that story.


Oh ok, i was just wondering because i remember someone saying that they started a story on their phone and edited it on their computer too :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Thanks
You are helping me out a lot, thank you very much


@Jelly_Pringlez you can always create a copy of your story on the phone and make scenes then copy and paste script to the writer’s portal version and edit there.
Just make sure you won’t change anything on the portal in the copy version. Just copy don’t save.


I feel really dumb, where do you get the script on your phone?
I am kinda new to stuff like this so…


Create a new story on the phone (this will be a copy of your original story)
Make scenes there then when you’re ready, go to a writers portal and find your copy story on the list.
Press on the first episode you’ll access the script what you have made on the phone.
Copy the whole script and paste to your original story.
Don’t save or change anything in your copy story (if you do you’ll lose your access to the phone version)

Hope this will help you a bit! If not let me know. I’ll try to take some screenshots and help you to understand it better.


Sorry about my cluelessness, but could you please send some screenshots?
I feel needy :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem. I’ll try my best to explain it to you :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!


Would you mind to PM me your email?


Sure, i will when i get the time
Sorry i am busy


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