How do I educate myself?

So my story has lots of diversity.
I want to educate myself so I don’t offend anyone for misportraying or stereotyping a culture/religion/country.


Well there’s a lot of material out there about different cultures, even stories from people of those cultures you can take a look at. You can also ask people in the community, this is a very diverse one. I can help you out too if you want to know anything about Asian or vietnamese culture. Researching about cultures shouldn’t be to difficult, I’m sure you can find somethings to work with.

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OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT BECAUSE I HAVE A VIETNAMESE CHARACTER IN MY STORY. (episode pls shut up. yes this is a full sentence now leave me alone jeez)


That’s cool. You can PM me here or insta @soupy.writes if you have any questions

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This post has linked a whole bunch of threads that are dedicated to teach about different cultures and ethnicities. You can find the thread I help with in my bio too, in case you need help with Italian characters.

The internet has a ton of great articles. Just be careful about the misinformation out there, and that some things change from family to family, region to region, etc. Try watching documentaries on culture on YouTube, maybe.

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