How do I enter a character's script name when it has spaces? LimeLight

So I created multiple characters with spaces in their script reference name. Example; YOUNG MILO, MRS WILD, etc.
So I want to make it so I can do @YOUNG MILO changes skin tone when the main character changes skin tone or when they speak or do an action in the script… I made multiple characters like that and I really don’t feel like making new ones… How would I go about putting a spaced script name into the script?
If you can’t
@Episode please make it so when making a character there are no allowed spaces for script name.

Thanks, Bzeebee

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I’ve done it before. I’m sure it’s the same.

@MAR 5 is idle_awkward

I haven’t done it for limelight, but I’m sure it has all of Inks components.

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so it can still use a space even if it doesn’t get highlighted it works?

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Give it a try. I don’t understand why it shouldn’t work if the name was allowed to go through.

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OK thanks ill try it!

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It worked thanks!


You can encase the entire way by twofold statements ("), single-quote (’) or get away from the space character utilizing an oblique punctuation line () :

cd “/way/way/way/A Folder/record”

cd ‘/way/way/way/A Folder/record’

cd/way/way/way/A\ Folder/record