How do I figure out if a story is worth salvaging? Advice or reviews?

So I feel like even though I’ve put a few months and hours upon hours of work into this, I’m starting to kind of hate it. I’m leaning towards discontinuing it and starting over or just starting moving on with another idea and taking what I’ve learned while writing this into that.
The thing that’s been holding me back is that I want to prove to myself that I’m still capable of finishing something because it’s something I seem to be failing at in adulthood.
Would anyone be willing to read what I have so far and give honest feedback? I’ll return the favor!:sob:

I played the first episode
and its not bad and I’m being honest
the coding is also really good too! But I will say zooming is a little slow
Sorry I’m getting off topic

I think you should keep doing it


Thank you sooo much! I’ll work on that! :two_hearts:

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Hello! I see both sides to your predicament. I have about ten unfinished Episode stories… generally, I’ll put my heart and soul into a story so much that I eventually drain myself out, and then I discontinue the story (and then go back with another idea, create another story, and repeat the same annoying cycle of discontinuing it). If you personally feel as though your story is not intriguing, then don’t continue it. I think you should make a story only if you’re making it with your heart. Writing should be fun and an outlet, not work. If your heart isn’t into it, then possibly take a step back and genuinely consider your story and whether or not you are truly committed to it. Because if your heart isn’t into your own story, then you’re basically making yourself suffer by continuing to write a story that you’re not passionate about.
Don’t discontinue a story solely because you’re not getting a high reading count, or if people tell you it sucks, etc. If you’re passionate and determined, continue your story.
A lot of great artists were rejected before they became stars. But they continued their journey because they were passionate.
I hope all of what I’ve said makes sense so far. I don’t think you should drag yourself through writing a story just to “prove a point to yourself”- it would be much more rewarding if you completed a story that you genuinely care about, otherwise you’re going to be left with this feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. I hope this helps in some way or another :woozy_face:


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