How do I find the screen's X and Y?

I want to zoom in on a certain place on the screen and after a short googling I found out that you need the coordinates (the X and the Y) in order to do so. The thing is I can’t find the X and the Y to put in the code :frowning: I saw some people online use a ‘zoom helper’ or something like that but I don’t have that in my portal.
What do I do? Keep in mind I’m still a beginner!


Heyy :two_hearts: if u go to preview your story on the right hand side there should be a box at the side thats says “show helpers”.

A few more boxes will apear up on the right.

just click on the box that says camera.

if u look at the bottom left corner there will be the X and Y cordinates there.

to change them just zoom in on the place you want your camera to go and the cordinates should change.
Then you just need to copy them in to your script

Hope this helps if u have more questions feel free to ask :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(I might not respond super quick because i have an online class soon :sweat_smile:)


the coordinates will also will apear underneath in the preview

Thank you! This was a super fast reply, I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to notice this so soon.
I’ll try it soon and let you know if I managed!

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I know it’s been 3 days but… I meant like how do I find specific X and Y on my screen :sweat_smile:

you want specific coordinates? what she just told you to do are the instructions on how to find them.

here’s a link to a more in-depth guide on using zooms:

if you still have questions or need help after, feel free to respond back to me! (: