How do I fix this error?


It work, but now this a issue It was working earlier before I added music. lol coding2

This is another issue. I don’t know what happening everything work perfectly when I added music every is now a error lol

Okay. I gotchu thanks. It work for other area, but the same area I show you on the picture is still a error?

Hey! Try removing that space… I mean put 717th line in 715 itself.

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Try that it don’t work.

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If i dont have pause their it would be a bad music placement,

What if you put 722 to 720? I mean after “{” there shouldn’t be spaces I suppose

elif (){
music music_gloomyprogression
@M is scream
next lines

Like this?

lol me and my computer about to square up frfr lmao


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Are there any opening braces missing??

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the bottom one is fine.

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Check out this… It may help. If not tell me… I’ll try to find another solution.

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Did that too. Lmao thanks for helpign me though

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Oops! :joy: Mention not… Hey Why don’t you PM her? She might help.

Hey In line 720 after } give space.

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I just deleted the whole thing, and add my rough draft . :joy::joy::joy:

I was like F this shit lol

:sleepy: I just got to start the whole music thing over lol

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Oh no!!! :see_no_evil:

Thanks for trying tho lol

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