How do I fix this? LL



drag your character up to the bed then copy the spot code.


then paste it to your script to replace the other spot code.


From the blue bubble, I’m guessing you’re in spotlight format. If you want her to appear in bed, then you’ll have to write set format cinematic in your story and then spot direct her the way you want for that scene.

set format spotlight
#the story will be in spotlight format until you reset it by writing:
set format cinematic
#the story after this command has been written in will be in cinematic.

*Note that if you select for your story to be in Spotlight Format, you cannot use set format cinematic in these stories-your whole story has to be in spotlight.


How I do that ?


ohh i didnt see the spotlight format, the picture was a little cut out on my phone, so it is spotlight. hm, didnt see that.


u may need to start over, like, change the format.

*Once you pick a format for your story, can not change it.

So go to, Start New Story to change the format to Cinematic. So, you may need to create your characters again.


Yeah, @ lanafrazer_episode is right , if you select your story to be in spotlight, you cannot set format cinematic in your story.

However, if you select your story to be in cinematic, you can switch between both these styles.

You might have accidentally chosen it since it comes up first after you choose a style :sweat_smile:


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