How do I flip an overlay?

Could someone send me the code to flipping an overlay? The overlay is called ARM

I think you just put a - symbol behind one of the numbers? I believe it’s scale?

&overlay ARM scales to -1.1 -1.1

(or whatever numbers you want to use, as long they’re negative)


I’m lost, I don’t get it, could you type down the command for me?

&overlay ARM scales to -1.0 1.0

The first number will always be negative. This will flip it left/right. The second number is top-bottom, to flip it upside down you would then write these numbers as a negative. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

so if I want it to be tilted, I have to write -360? Since I’ve been told it’s like rotatitng a cirlce

Yes you’d have to play around with the rotations and anchor points. If you only need it tilting slightly to the left I would put -45
Remember to rotate your overlay using an anchor point then move the overlay to where you want it, then put these spots in your script. Rotating overlays tends to move them offscreen sometimes :slight_smile:

Oh okay, gracias amore alot

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