How Do i fly in episode limelight?


Can anyone tell me the code/script for a character flying in the sky? I don’t see an animating for glide or fly to use. I want my character to fly off screen and then drop to the ground next to another character (would also need help with the dropping animation)

Thanks all!


Hi! I’m not an expert, but there is not a flying animation currently. (Vote here for one)

However, there’s a workaround, similar to driving or running/walking for a longer distance, typically you have to actually animate the OVERLAY in addition to the character. Here are two helpful resources for this:

As to the animation for the character, they could just be idle and you use spot directing to make them go offscreen (without the overlay stuff). Then use a different background or zoom to the other character in a different zone and use spot directing again to make them appear beside the other character.

You can also post in this open help thread for more specific advice!



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No problem! Good luck with your story!

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