How do i follow the character in zoom while running?



I’m wondering on how to get the character in zoom while running to a different zone.
I’ve seen it some many times in different stories I just don’t know how to code it.
Anyone know how to code it?


@zoom (numbers)
@CHARACTER walks to spot (numbers) (what zone you will be going to) AND CHARACTER is run_athletic AND pan to zone (whatever zone spot is in)


&pan to zone … (in sec)
&zoom to … (in sec)
&CHAR walks to spot… (or screen center in zone # if not using spot directing)

you have to figure things out one at a time, so be careful


What do you mean “(whatever zone spot is in)”


Are you using spot directing with it?
This is how I do it (part of my script)

@KAI walks to spot 0.884 76 192 in zone 3 AND KAI is walk_neutral AND pan to zone 3”

The IN ZONE 3 is where I will have him walk to from zone 2 THE SPOT is the spot where he needs to walk to.
So I need it to pan to zone 3 as well so when he walks it will follow him as he walks to that spot.

If you are not using spot directing I don’t know how you can do it.


I’m using spot directions


Well that should work.
If not PM me and we can figure it out :slight_smile: