How do I get 3 characters to be sat on the sofa?

Can someone advice me how I get 3 characters to be sat on this sofa having a conversation?
They have left one room and I want it to be so they are already sat down not walk to sofa and sit)


You have to use spot directing and the sittning animations. In case you are not familiar with spot directing I’m sure there are tutorials on the forums, just search for spot directing! Good luck with your story, if you need more help don’t hesitate to ask! :revolving_hearts:

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@CHARACTER spot. x y AND CHARACTER is sit AND CHARACTER faces left

You need to use spot directing, and a sitting animation, like @puma said.

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This is what happens, (using diff scene now)
I try going on the ‘Directing Helper’ button shown on the screen shot, and move the characters by ‘Shot Helper’ and then click update script, but they always revert back to these position :frowning:
All the Zoom numbers and spot letters mean nothing to me so I have no idea how to do fancy camera work etc

is there another couch in that background?

if so,

put: @zoom reset

then drag your character using the Move Button on Spot Helper to that sofa, then copy and paste the spot code to your script.

Not another sofa, I was going to have her on floor beside her. How do I know what the spot code is?

oh, drag your character next to the sofa to she can be on the floor, when you preview your work, look under the preview box you will see the spot code when you click on the Spot Helper.

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Not sure what you do with these numbers, but you have to actually insert them in your script once you have figured out which spot you want to use.

Use the code @lanafrazer_episode wrote :blush:

the spot code cant have letters only numbers, lol i added the letters to show what need to be in there. So just add the numbers. I think there is a template on how to do it, not sure, ill check.

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this video can help you:


Or you can go on youtube and check out Joseph Evans tutorial on zooms and spot directing.

ahahahahhaa just said that, but THAT is it right there.

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Yeah, I forgot to mention that :sweat_smile: Just copy the numbers you get and insert them instead of x y z.

Example with numbers: @CHARACTER spot 122 34 56 in zone 2 AND CHARACTERS faces right AND CHARACTER is sit

Does this make sense?

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we posted on the same time hahaha :grin:

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So yeah, watch Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube, and u should be good to go.


yes, this is perfect. Makes much more sense

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I’ve found the spot numbers :slight_smile: Now how do I write it out in the script?
Is this right? - @HEATHER spot 1.172 84 78 AND HEATHER stands upscreen left AND HEATHER is idle_sit_sad_loop AND HEATHER faces right
@ROSIE spot 1.235 236 - 154 AND ROSIE stands screen right AND ROSIE is idle_sit_legsup_neutral_loop AND ROSIE faces left

If you use spots you don’t have to add another placement, eg. upscreen left. The spot replaces the “upscreen left”.