How do I get a character to talk and move



So I’m doing a scene we’re the MC has a nightmare so I put in the : Hestia(talk_run_athletic) because I want her running on the spot but talking however when she is finished talking she like pauses her running I’ll add a picture to show you

sorry it’s bad it’s from my phone taken of my computer


You can try this!

&HESTIA is talk_run_athletic THEN HESTIA is run_athletic
HESTIA (talk_run_athletic)
No matter how much I keep running…

If that doesn’t work try this
HESTIA (talk_run_athletic)
No matter how much I keep running…
@HESTIA is run_athletic


Tried both sadly neither worked this is the only thing so far I can’t fix


I read your script wrong lol
Try making it run_athletic_offset


I thought you meant your character wasn’t running after the speech!


That’s is what I meant :joy:


I’ll like have the speech and after the speech animation has happened the character will stop running completely


Yeah, but like some animations on episode have that glitch.
Run_cry pauses after as well…Same with run_casual.

Does run_athletic_offset work?


You might to make it this, so Hestia doesn’t pause and run.
Making it a thought bubble, so she won’t seem like she’s talking without her mouth moving.

HESTIA (run_athletic_offset)
(No matter how much I keep running…)


I’ll try it


It worked! Thanks for the tips!