How do I get a character to walk to a certain spot in a different zone while following them with the camera?

Been struggling with this.

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For simply placement:

@follow CHAR to screen ______ in zone ___

For spot placement:

&pan to zone ___
@CHAR walks to S X Y in zone ___


You can’t.
You have to do:
@follow CHARACTER to screen _________ in zone _
THEN you can have them go to that spot AND if you want it to be a slower walk/ take them longer you have to write the time in seconds.
@follow CHARACTER to screen _____ in zone _
@CHARATER walks to spot ______________ in 2

and you can do however long you want for them to get there. The farther back it is in the scene the longer it should take them.

What can’t they do, hun?

yours worked, I tried. You can do it:)

You have to do alittle math tho. It’s kinda hard to explain, but it’s definitely possible.


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