How do I get a cover for my episode


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How do you make these images because I am writing my own story and I need a front cover :heart:️:slight_smile:️


If ya want you could get a cover done for you. I would be happy to help!!


Ibis paint x is what I use


Okay… Im confused on the point why you said it??


??? Me?


Oh my, woops wrong thread sorry!!!


Oh okay, no problem :slight_smile:


Alright, is ibis paint for mobile??


Yup! It’s totally amazing. I use it for very cover / art I make.




It looks like this.


I might check out Ibis paint first but if I don’t like my results, would I be able to ask you for help? :heart:


Depends on how many covers I have to make for other people :slight_smile:


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