How do I get a limelight character lay down on a bed in a scene?

Hi Guys!!

How do I get a limelight character to lay down on a bed? Do you use a background bedroom scene for it? Or you just only have to use overlays for it? I’m planning to use a hospital bed background for my character to lie on it but without a blanket. Would anyone please tell me what to code out for how to get a limelight character to lay on a bed? Or tell me where I could find on how to learn more about it and getting use to it. I couldn’t find a limelight tutorial or videos on how to do it. Please anyone help me. It would mean a lot.:relieved: :relieved: :two_hearts:

I personally use a bedroom background with a blanket overlay on top of my character to make it look real! I like to use a front view of a bed and use the sitting and sleeping animation, example

&CHARACTER spot (copy and paste spot here) in zone 1 at layer -1 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is sleep_sit_neutral_loop


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