How do i get custom name to appear on speach bubbles?

This is the script:


@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0

@HEATHER stands screen center AND HEATHER is yawn_bored

[NAME] (talk_afraid)
I must’ve slelpt too much.

sound door_knock

[NAME] (callout_neutral)
I’m going, honey!

I even tried without the brackets but it says that the character doesn’t exist.
How can I put the name that the players chose?

Scroll down and there’s a tab for Typed In choices. @Dara.Amarie does a fantastic job explaining and showing how to do it and deserves all the love and credit :slight_smile: Check out her site, it has everything (tips/tricks/guides/templates/commands/ etc. Definitely helped me :slight_smile:

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Is Heather the custom character? Then you just refer to her as usual. The display name is the one that changes after input. So check in the character creating section what display name you gave your character, you can leave it too, it’ll be even easier for you in the end.

input What’s your name? | What’s your name? | Done (HEATHER)

When writing scenes including this character you do it as usual:
@HEATHER stands screen center

When referring to her in dialogues:

Hey, [HEATHER]! Long time no see.

Hope this solves it or helps you in a way? :sweat_smile:

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Thanks so much!!!

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