How do I get help with someone reading my story?


Okay … so I am very nervous about publishing my story … I have 5 episodes written that I literally keep re-reading.
What if people don’t like it ?
What if I’m not doing it right ?
Super nervous!!
How do I get someone to like test my episodes ?
On my ipad some part’s are different than the script I have written.
So many questions… so many things I need to know…
Thank you to whoever is reading !!


Beta readers and reviewers can help you with this. They’re found in the Find a Writing Partner and Share Feedback sections. They can read through and offer you constructive criticism.

Most writers are nervous when publishing, haha. By the way, don’t worry about people disliking your story or if you’re doing something wrong. Ultimately, it’s your story, and all that matters is if you enjoy it.


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