How do I get limelight clothes onto ink avatars?


Hi there!! So, I’ve seen a couple of posts floating around about having limelight clothes on ink avatars and vice versa. I’ve watched two videos on how to do it, but it automatically picks the limelight style for me. Can anyone help with this? Any help will be appreciated and thanks!


I think It doesn’t work anymore cause I tried and it gave me limelight characters


It works because I saw it on a post recently, a tutorial on how to do it. Thanks anyhow!


Can you give me a link to it


I’m pretty sure that’s not possible tho…


You have to put all characters into one style, then make a limlight outfit for a limelight character, then change the ink character’s outfit into the limelight outfit.

@INK CHAR changes into outfit

Outfit is for the limelight outfit, sometime the shoes never work, remember to play around with it.


Thing is I’m having trouble getting all the characters into one style


There’s videos on Youtube for it though…


As in you don’t want it to be a mix of classic ink and limelight? I don’t think that’s possible then unless you do it the way I said, but I might be wrong.


I’ll send it now:


I can’t get them all onto a story, whenever I type character in it automatically takes me to the limelight style, just limelight


Examples: story/Story_Name/123456789012345

then change it to…


It just takes me to this:


It’s not working for some people I don’t know why.


Ah ok. Thanks!


I still can, I don’t think it works for some people though.


I would just like to remind everyone that this method is known to cause glitches in your script, including but not limited to: disappearing characters, disappearing character features, and disappearing clothing.
So use at your own risk.


Ah ok, thanks!


It works for me :thinking:


The three styles thing is a glitch, so it doesn’t work for everybody, it’s pretty random, either it works for you or not, only if you can use the glitch it will work for you but if not, really not it kinda sucks I know how to do that and it doesn’t work for me either :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: