How do I get more equipment?

Can someone pls tell me how to get more hairstyles, outfits, backgrounds and covers? If u could I would rly appreciate it. Thxs.:slight_smile:

You have to write on the writer portal

For the hairstyles, thereโ€™s not really a way to get more apart from the ones given to you, unless you want to use overlays of a certain hairstyle(s)

Same thing goes for the outfit if you just mean you want more clothing options. However, if you mean, you want more unique outfit combinations, there are threads that help create unique character outfits for you.

For backgrounds, several people have drives and stuff with backgrounds that are free for use and you can also use websites like for more free backgrounds. You can also ask someone to make a more specific background for you.

For covers, the only way is to really make one yourself or get someone to make one for you. You can also just use an image from a public domain site as a cover if you really want to.

Welcome to the community btw :revolving_hearts:

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no problem :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

your response was so much more detailed than mine i-

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