How do I get more reads? Heeeeeelp meeee 😩




So I’m relatively new to episode and have just created my first story, Trapped.
It currently has 6 live episodes, but literally only 25 reads which is so demotivating lmao. :joy:
Obviously you can’t just get thousands of views overnight, but I was wondering how all of you collected your reads and maybe you could give me some tips on gathering more viewers? Or even just give me like an idea of how long (realistically) it takes to even get to at least around 100 reads lol. But seriously, it’s crazy how fast some people get reads, yet others wait months for like 70 reads!

Anyway, here’s my story link if ur interested anyway lol:

Yeah but hopefully u guys can help!

Thanks! :relaxed:


There’s accounts on Instagram who do story reviews and promotion, all I could suggest is request a review/ promotion from as many people as possible, to get your story out there and seen. Good luck anyway :grin:


Sounds good, thanks.

Do you know which specific accounts do this?


Not sure for specific ones, but there are a lot so they shouldn’t be hard to find :sparkling_heart:


Okay, thanks!


Hey, I feel you. My story has been out for a year and stayed around 200 reads until really recently. Now I have 566 reads, most of which I got in the last few days. My NUMBER ONE tip to you is to follow a TON of people on your Episode profile. I follow tons of people every day which is how I’ve gotten reads. Also, make sure you update your story frequently, like once a week or every two weeks. My mistake was that one time I went four months without updating.

Good luck on your story! I might go read it now as well.


Instagram is extremely useful for promoting your story. I’d suggest getting an account if you don’t already have one and posting about your stories often. Just a few screenshots of an episode can help generate enthusiasm from your followers.
As for the group accounts that will review and shout out stories as long as you send a request (when requests are open), here are a few:
Most have some sort of Google form to fill out for requests, and some have guidelines to read before requesting, so make sure you check beforehand. You may have to wait for review/shoutout requests to open, because they’re in high demand, so keep a lookout.


Thank you that means so much to me. Your advice seems like a really good idea.

If u do end up reading my story that’d be amazing !! But don’t feel pressured to, lol.

What’s your episode username? I could start by following you!


I’ll go check out those accounts now! Thanks so much!


I’m actually a reviewer for epy_universe, and we are currently taking requests. Our only “rule” sort of speak is to follow us :yum:


I actually just followed that account! I’ve been submitting loads of forms already so forgive me if I have posted 2 by accident (because sometimes I don’t remember which accounts I’ve already sent forms to) but yeah I’ve sent a form and it’d mean so much to me if u could do a review! Thanks !


That’s okay! That happens a lot, actually :sweat_smile: I’ll check for your request, as soon as I finish the one I’m reviewing now! Also, I’d suggest you doing read for reads. When I take requests, I always do a shout out on my story/or a post on Instagram, and ask them politely to do the same. This is always a good strategy!


Sounds good.

Also not to sound impatient, but when do u think I could expect you to review my story? :upside_down_face:


I believe it’s just Zoe King? My story is called “Both of Us” if that helps.


I believe it’s just Zoe King? My story is called “Both of Us” if that helps. I would be glad to read your story, though!


Well, it depends… we review 15 different aspects of a story. I already saved your request to do it as soon as I can.


Thanks if u do end up reading my story. I’d be glad to check out urs too it looks great! Also, I’ve just followed a shit ton of ppl on episode (478 to be exact :joy:) and already gained 7 more followers, but no more reads :thinking:


Ok thanks ! I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I’ll enjoy the review lol :joy:


Haha… you’re welcome! We’ll find out soon enough :joy:


Posting your story details on story promotion threads is a good way to get reads while writing unique content is another way.Hope this helps.