How do I get more reads? Heeeeeelp meeee 😩



Maybe it works differently for everyone? Also, you could try putting something like “Meadow (READ MY STORY)” as your name so people know you have a story.




You can add @episodeaxiom to that list :slight_smile:

It took my first story more than two weeks to get 100 reads and I did a LOT of read for reads lol. After three months I think that story barely had 400 reads but then my second story got 1000 reads in a week. Sometimes it’s luck. For me entering contests helped as a lot of people like to read contest entries to support the authors. That obviously doesn’t work for stories that you’ve already written though.

I found that following people on Instagram didn’t do much. A lot of people might follow back, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll read your story. Reviews help like someone suggested because if you get a good review and people read that review, they may decide to check out your story for themselves.


Sure, you can ask around, all that. BUT for real reads, ones you didnt ask for on instagram or here etc, make your story special. Art scenes. Intruding description, Eye catching covers. If you really think you’ve done everything and your happy with it then, be patient. Basically just think of what you like in a story, as a reader what attracts you to stories, just think of that, because if you want to get further, possibly the trending page, then you gotta make your story special.


I don’t know if this helps but I will start reading your story right now! :grin:
Anna Woods💜


Aw thanks that means so much to me. Hope you enjoy !


Yep that makes sense. Thanks for the advice!


Haha I only have 29 reads i’d be delighted just to get 100! But thanks for helping me! :wink:


My story is’the same it has been reviewed a number of times all really good everyone who reads it loves it I have loads of fan edits now and last night Instagram was full of screen shots and comments I have it on here and fb and Instagram I have wrote verses with link on I have used every hash tag going but still low reads sometimes it doesnt matter what you do you still get no reads and it is anoying when u see great storys struggling and rubbish ones with 100s of reads .I have done read for reads sometimes helps but it’s hard work reading loads of stories especially the not so good ones i think the issue is the people who are sharing my story do not have a large enough following to get people to see it .any way here it is if any one wants a look


Here’s an article about promoting do’s and don’ts to give you some ideas on how to get reads :slight_smile:




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