How Do I Get More Reads ? Help

So I released a new story about a month ago, I have followed people on episode, done advertising on episode forums, and yet I still only have 50 reads… Any suggestions on how to get more reads?


Doing read 4 reads are good. Have them read your story first and send screenshots. People like to ghost on others after you read their story.

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advartise. be active. in the forums. forget about the read and concetrade about next chapter

(make a good story)

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I’d advise you against ‘getting more reads.’ You can however improve your story. I’d say keep writing, if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your story, get your story reviewed. There are a lot of people who would love to review your story and help you to make it better.

Above all, do not fish for reads and give in to practices like reads for reads because they can give you readers but none of them will be genuine readers.

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Read for reads weren’t a good experience for me.
But I know two authors (both are pretty big now) who did read for reads of each other’s stories when they were starting out and are now basically BFFs.
Everyone has a different experience.

Other than that, you can submit your story for reviews and shoutouts on Instagram. Overall, just keep writing and updating. You’ll become a better writer naturally with practice and you should pick up new readers with each update.


I’ll review your story if you want? I can be quite harsh tho :joy:

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Would you? Thanks

My story is Mi Princesa Hermosa by Ash.Epi, there are 7 episodes as of now

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