How do I get more reads on Episode?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been working really hard on my first story- it’s called Taming Him CC and I’m wondering how I can increase my reads. I’ve been promoting my story quite a bit on threads but is there any other advice that you guys could give me. I’ve noticed how some people get thousands of reads in weeks and others have to wait months for 100 reads, even though their stories are so good. So, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could leave me any advice since I feel like I have tried very hard on this story and I want to know if it’s any good.

Anyways the link is down below if any of you are interested lmao
The summary of the story is that MC is a vigilante (no one knows), but back home, she’s been betrothed to the love interest, but neither of them is interested in the marriage. But the problem is that she’s an international thief and he’s hunting her down. So as a past lover returns to haunt her, she’s trying to deal with a whole new set of drama and scandals. And even though the love interest knows that this marriage is just for business purposes, he can’t seem to get MC out of his head.

So, tips and advice would be really appreciated- How do you get more reads?


you can have some shoutouts to your story


just keep promoting! i know that my story took ansolutley FOREVER to even get close to 100 reads, but then once it did the reads increased tremendously. my advice is to just give yourself time, keep promoting, and exchange some read for reads because those help as well!!! :star_struck::star_struck:


Keep Promoting your story on Instagram and other social medias. Create a cover for your story that catches people’s attention and make the plot of your story mysterious, not giving away too much of the story. Finally, make sure to post episodes regularly and include CC or LL or Choices if you have any of those things in your story, in the title :grin:


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I think building a loyal fan base is one of the most important things. You can promote and r4r all you want, but if people aren’t invested in your story you won’t have any really loyal readers. Try to make some friends on the forums or instagram with people who’s stories you really do like, or make friends with your readers. That way people will be excited about when you update.


I’m new but maybe I can still help. :relaxed:

You’re doing a great job by promoting your story on threads, I would say keep doing that. You could also open an Instagram account made for episode especially (maybe you already have one), on the account you could post your story, screenshots from your story without giving to much away and also reach out to others politely to see if they would be happy to read some of your story.

I hope this helps you!

Thank you so much for your advice everyone. I’ll definitely try all of that- so promoting my story and read for reads?