How do I get my character to be in a spot then slide to another spot?

Hi! I am having a problem! Basically, I have my character in a spot direction, then I need them to slide back to another spot. Please may you tell me how I do that?

You can either spot them again or make them walk to the spot with an idle animation, so that they won’t walk

When I get them to walk from the spot I positioned them in at the start, to getting them to walk to another spot. My character goes to the bottom of the ground.

yeah you can make them walk also to a certain spot like

@CHARACTER is (random numbers(your spot)) walks to (the next spot)

Ah okay!! Thank you both for your help !


Yes I’ll send an imagine

oh, disregard my last reply

its supposed to be like
@character is (spot)
@pause for a beat (or something)
@chracter walks to (new spot)
try that

Ah okay! I’ll have a go

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