How do I get my character to exit the screen without them shrinking?


I know I’ve seen this on the forums before, but I need my characters to be the same size as they are when they exit the screen instead of shrinking down?

Help please :weary:


you’ll have to make your character walk offscreen


so instead of having them do
@/CHAR exits left
you’ll do
@/CHAR walks to spot xyz (anywhere where they’re not visible on screen)


The coding I’m using now is @CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER exits right ?


So you’ll need to spot direct them & place them offscreen, if you use the exit code they’ll shrink. so place them offscreen and once you figure out their spot code do
@/CHAR walks to spot xyz in T & they won’t shrink.


Ah that worked, thank you so much!


No problem ; and make sure you remove them by using the code
~brvnda :orange_heart:


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: