How do i get my character to turn around?


I need for my character to turn around and start walking towards the door How would I do that?
Then after she finishes walking to the door I want her to disappear as though she’s entering the room.
I got my answer Please CLOSE :slight_smile:


Use anything that contain ‘idle’


Use a walk_rear behavior


You press the pencil button and then use the arrow to turn hope that helps!


thank you


Ok, i just did that but she’s walking in place and I want her walking forward :frowning:


Use “walk_rear” but also add “AND CHARACTER faces left” (opposite direction that you want her to face)


Pencil button? Like in the outfits? She’s talking about the script…


Okay I’m super confused now so :sob:


She’s talking about walking to the door correct? In a rear motion


yes, here’s the background without the character

So i want my character to walk to that door, but im walking in place in rear mode lol


@CHAR walks to spot AND CHAR does it while walk_rear


I write for ink but I believe the actions are the same so what I would write would be @CHARACTER walks to spot (whatever spot) AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear AND CHARACTER faces (left or right) The thing with rear actions is that lets say your facing left if you put the action “rear” your CHARACTER will be facing right in the rear action.


You need to make the character walk to some spot while using a rear walking animation then remove it.

@CHARACTER walks to spot scale x y in s and CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear
(for Limelight)

scale= the size of the character.

x= somewhere between left and right

y= somewhere between top and bottom.

s= number of seconds.

you can find the scale, x and y in the directing helper in the web/ app previewer

removing a character:


@brvnda that’s how you do it.


Hey all! Just checking in with @brvnda to see if you got this working now. Thanks! :nerd_face:


I did, thanks to everyone who replied. this topic can be closed!



Thanks @brvnda and everyone who helped :star2: Resolved and closing! :mage: