How do I get my characters to walk backwards?

Hi guys again, me
Just wondering I read a lot of stories on episodes and recently I came across a story in which the characters turned around and both walked to the back screen.
I have no idea How they did this I have u tubed it and I have read the guides. wondering if anyone has any ideas?
I know they can walk screen left, screen right, screen center, back far right and back far left
But Is there any where else they can walk as at the moment I having to use “spot” to put them where I want and it doesn’t look quite right ???
many thanks

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Make them face the opposite direction there walking

Thanks for the reply, I know its sounds odd me asking something so simple, but what I mean is like when you press “rear” and they actually walk with there whole body not facing you.

Is this the same?

CHARACTER walks to spot S X Y and CHARACTER faces direction AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear / walk_neutral_loop_rear

Yes!!! thank you Gimere

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You’re welcome.

thank you SOOOO much! I just tried it and had a mini dance on my sofa (even though am 25 lol) I didn’t know about spot directing that you could get the character to walk to the spot position! thankkkkk youuuuu!

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