How do I get my story on a shelf?


I was just wondering, in the past 3 years of writing on Episode, I unfortunately never got on a shelf…
So I was like wondering what I’m doing wrong? Are there certain things to get on a shelf?

I have many questions haha!

Does anyone know the answer?


Join the club, me either lol (2017-2020). I like to consider myself an underrated gem :sunglasses: :gem: :disco:

OK, so personally I don’t care anymore but to people who do, what I recommend is to just keep on updating, try to update once a week and always aim to improve your directing by practicing. When it comes to the storyline, you want to plan everything out on a notebook first, including the plot. You should also advertise on IG. Not too much though. Also, when posting your story in threads on the forums in the promote your story section, make sure to read the rules of the thread.

There are also tips here:

You can do it :yay: :tada:


Guess I’m prt of the club now!:flushed::joy:

Thank you so much! I think you’re right, we just need to have some faith and improve our writing/coding skills​:joy::heart:.

Manifesting that we will get on the next shelf!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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follow their insta, they sometimes take sugestions for storys to new shelfs, though I think done it less and less the last year

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Actually, I don’t need to be on shelf, my goal is to finish my story, I just want to write for my few readers only, although I’m really lazy and barely update :joy: And life can be busy :see_no_evil: Good luck though, you can do it if you put your mind to it :muscle: :blob_hearts:

I agree with line123462, if you have Insta, you should check out episodecreators, since they ask for story suggestions for their shelves and if you feel your story fits what they’re looking for, feel free to suggest it.


I suggested my story many times, but as you see, a lot of people tag more popular authors so my comment won’t be seen​:joy:. Also don’t have many people who tag me lmaooo​:joy::joy:

We share the same thoughts & goal (2017-2020) :sweat_smile: