How do i get my three characters behind this bar to bartend

Here’s a bar overlay you can use:

You can also find it here: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

Quote From That Thread:

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I cant seem to get the bar overlay in the right place and it doesn’t show any overlay help on the direct part anymore

To get this click on Show Helpers, then Spot Directing, then click on the overlay or click Change Overlay

To add on, here’s a visual:

im really struggling this is why I need a coder who can do overlays for me lol

INT. BAR - DAY with BAR at layer 5
&CHAR1 stands screen left AND CHAR1 moves to layer 2 AND CHAR1 faces right
&CHAR2 stands screen center AND CHAR2 moves to layer 1
&CHAR3 stands screen right AND CHAR3 moves to layer 3 AND CHAR3 faces left

can you have more than one overlay in the same scene?

yes you can

I need wine glasses and whiskey bottle and glass overlays but cant seem to find them

you can turn the props to overlays dunno if there is whiskey but sure there s wine glass and normal glass

how do I put this overlay with my bar overlay?

you have to upload them as your own overlay - you do this in art catalogue

more to how to place and animate overlays you will find here

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