How do I get on a different account on Episode Interactive?

I’m on a chromebook, if that helps. But basically, I’ve been just getting back to episode and was off for a week. I deicded to go back yesterday and I was logged out. I selected ‘sign in with Google’, and it took me to something where it shows all your emails in bullet form and I selected the wrong one accidentally. I logged out and tried again, but when I chose ‘sign in with google’, it automatically took me to the wrong email account.
I’m getting extremely frustrated. I made a facebook account with the right email, and when I tried ‘sign in with facebook’, it said I already logged in with a different account.
:triumph: :rage:
Is this a chromebook problem or a problem with the website?

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website you probably need to send a help ticket because the website keeps you logged in on that old account

Oh that’s painful, you might have to clear your history/cookies and try again.

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Clearing your cookies fixes this issue. Dm me if you need any help with that.


That happens to me all 30 days. You have to sign into the right account on google make sure you logout then it’ll show the account you use and the one you don’t. See if that works.

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1 month inactivity on Episode interactive will help you to log in into different account… I am also facing same problem… So, I am not using episode interactive for 1 month…



You could just clear your cookies it’s so much faster and easier. We’ve already solved the problem.

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All you have to do is go to google click the little circle where the account is usually with the letter of your name (or name you used for the account unless it has an image) and click sign out it will sign you out of all accounts and when you go back to episode interactive it will allow you to sign back in with whichever you want.

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Woah woah. You don’t need to wait for 30 days. Just clear your cookies and your sign-in details for that browser. Or use another browser.

Can you tell me how to clear cookies? please :blush::blush:

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What browser are you using?

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And Then you just select the cookies and other site data, then clear data.

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Ok, thanks