How do I get paid for doing set covers?

I was wondering because I’ve been doing Art covers for free and I was wondering if people were willing to pay for my art and how much does it usually cost?

I also want to know if I should set up an art shop and an Instagram account?

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You can’t sell work with episode assets.


Heyy, it actually depends on your style that you use for art whether it’s comic or realistic, or etc. Are these also in your own style or episode style because if they’re in episode style then that’s illegal and you can’t sell it due to copyright. Please provide examples


price depends on art. also if you sell art it can not be traced.

please watch this video


then what about episode workshop I though they set them up for selling purposes?
cause if they’re for episode then it would be fine as long as your not copying
anyways these are some examples


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You can not sell art with this style, because it’s Episode style and it’s tracing. You only can draw in this style for requests for or for yourself.


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