How do I get ride of Writer warning?

Sooo I have a car overlay and when I was proofreading this popped up

How do I fix this bc I’ve tried and nothing is really working

Copy and paste your script in the chat.

Put it together with the background.
INT. BACKGROUND-DAY with JEEPTOPON to 1.000 67 65 in zone 1 at layer 4
1.000 represents size so just put the value for the size of the overlay.
The next 2 set of numbers represents where it shifts to.
So, just input the value.


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Hm, okay I don’t see your overlay name JEEPTOPON on the screen shot, so create your overlay. Not sure where you are going to put it under whatever background u want to use.

@JEEPTOPON opacity 1 in 0

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does anyone know how to make the character run of the screen fast but without a looping background

Will the car not show up to reader if this is not fixed?

Not sure, but you cannot publish a story with an error. People may not be able to open the story if there is a error in your script, if you update with the error.
Just put the overlay with the background, you’ll be fine.