How do i get the bubble overlay to make my character look like she is in the bath

how do i get the bubble overlay to make my character look like she is in the bath

hi :heartpulse:, i see you’re new here! first off welcome!

image image
here is the background and overlay you can use (: remember to give credit to @christy_lovepisode
i hope i helped you find what you need! :two_hearts:


thanks and how do i upload it to the overlays

go to art catalog, its next to “my stories” click where it says overlays then click on where it says available for all stories and then click “uploaded to your account” next you want to make sure the image is downloaded to your computer. then press select image and then Episode will tell you what to do next!
Let me know if you have any troubles or anymore questions <3 (: :two_hearts:

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thanks so much i got it now im just waiting for the review and im sorry for all the questions but i have one more how do you spot direct the overlay

don’t worry i’m happy to help!
i suggest that you watch this video on overlays, it will be able to explain a lot better than me!
if you still have questions after watching then i’ll be able to go into further details for you.

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ok thanks

hey its me again lol how do you get the script to repeat itself like i have my character dancing in the shower and then it goes to a different scene when someone knocks on the door and i try to play the 1st scene again but it goes straight to to be continued

you can’t get it to repeat itself unless you press preview again. but if you don’t want it to go to “to be continued” you type this at the end of the last scene in your script:
now, it won’t go to to be continued unless you click on it or if you don’t want to be continued there at all you can just delete the whole scene completely and then it will stay at the last scene you have written.

ok thanks again

no problem! :slight_smile:

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