How do I get the character to lay on the bed?

Ive been trying for about two hours now to get the character to lie on the bed but it just wont work.
Ive tried doing the spot helper and doing it myself and Ive also used this command thing that I found on the guide "INT. BEDROOM DESK OL - DAY

@CHARACTER spot 0.794 342 352 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is sleep_uncomfortable"
And it still wont get the character to lie in the bed… it just lays on the screen as a close up… what am I doing wrong?


are you using spot directing right? you need to use scale and move to make it move to the proper position. if you only use scale it’ll be too big. if that doesn’t work, send me a screenshot of how your character looks from the previewer.

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Have a look here :slight_smile:

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what ive been doing is i use the spot helper, and move the character to where I want it, and also use the scale to minimize the character, and position it onto the bed the way I want it, then I copy and paste the spot command into the dialogue. but when i preview what ive done, this is how it looks.

This picture is literally whats on my screen atm.

This is also my first story, so obviously im still learning.
Please correct and direct me on anything that I need to fix or don’t need

That is the command I used for my scene, and it just wont work for me

UPDATE: So this command that is highlighted in the screen shot is working… but the top (which is literally the exact same) wont. So what is it that I did wrong, with the first laying scene?

the juvie welles one, you placed them in the center and you didn’t use spot directing so they won’t be on the bed. also you didn’t give them the animation to be laying down and you didn’t specificy which direction they are facing so they may be facing the wrong way… try fixing those.

I deleted some things and fixed it, but thank you so much anyways!

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np. and i love your pro pic :heart_eyes:

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AHA thx bbg love yours too.
Also not to fangirl but TLIC is a BOP

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I also need help with having the characters laying in bed sleeping and with choices also.

You need to read guides because your coding is wrong. Also, in this background and bed angle I don’t think you’ll be able to make your character sleep unless there’s an animation of sleep sitting in Classic

So I changed her bedroom and what do you mean the coding is off? Sorry I am just so confused.

Script should look like this:

@CHARACTER spot % X Y AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is animation

How do you pan over in the scene? Thanks for helping me