How do I get the character to lay on the bed?

Ugh I am doing something wrong.

what’s wrong?

you’re in zone 1


@cut to zone 2


@pan to zone 2

and click HERE to find spots for this bed

I did that now do I have to resize the child?

Check out this thread

I am on my computer but I will try lol.

You can do that on Web Preview too :slight_smile:

Web Preview? :grin:

Yes, the window on the right with your scenes (from your screenshot) works the same like on the phone

Maybe I should just quit ugh thanks for trying to help me.

Don’t give up! Learn how to code takes a lot of time but you can do it! You just need a lot of patience :wink:

Do I need to make her smaller?

Yes, if she’s a child. One step at the time, just play around with spot directing to learn how to move and scale characters :slight_smile: and read the guide above or watch Joseph Evans videos on YouTube

How do you change a characters direction?

@CHARACTER faces left


@CHARACTER faces right

I got it lol now I got a message saying. Error Expected Character Change or Scene Change.

you either need to add dialogue after the name of the character or add something after background

I got her to lay down but I cant seem to get her to stay on the bed and still having trouble getting the mom to be near the little girl.

don’t use any non laying animations if you want her to stay on bed

Here’s the thread about spot walking, you need to change the size of the mom: