How do I get the character to lay on the bed?

How do you change a characters direction?

@CHARACTER faces left


@CHARACTER faces right

I got it lol now I got a message saying. Error Expected Character Change or Scene Change.

you either need to add dialogue after the name of the character or add something after background

I got her to lay down but I cant seem to get her to stay on the bed and still having trouble getting the mom to be near the little girl.

don’t use any non laying animations if you want her to stay on bed

Here’s the thread about spot walking, you need to change the size of the mom:

what is non laying animation?

animation where character does not lay for example idle

I did that but she is still on the floor and still having problems with the other character.

You need to use the directing helper >> spot helper then on the left use the scale/move. Then move her to position on the bed. Copy the spot numbers into your script.
@BRITNEY spot x y z in zone # AND BRITNEY is animation AND BRITNEY faces left/right
Replace x y z with the spot numbers. Replace # with whichever zone you’re in. Replace animation with the lay animation you’re using. Replace left/right with whichever one she is facing. Use the same method with the other character to make her neaer to the bed. Use the spot directer to move her to where you want her then again, copy the numbers into the script. Hope that helps :blush:


OMG THAT HELPS SO MUCH THANKS :slightly_smiling_face: also how would I get the mom in the same scene as her?

Just put
@MUM stands screen center in zone #
Then you can use the directing helper to move her if you wish :blush:

Well use her name … not MUM lol

Thanks do you know how to change her direction in the scene? So Sorry I am bugging you with all of this!

[Uploading: AEA1F6DA-CAD5-44F4-939B-6582958B9C54.jpeg…]

This is the problem I’m having.

Did you try to change her face direction? (if it’s that what you mean)


@BRITNEY faces left

I can not get the mother in the same scene as her and for Britney I cant her body to turn straight up and down.

you need to place her in zone 2 or use @CHARACTER enters from left to screen center when you’re in zone 2 or use spot walking if you want her to be smaller

Laying animations you can’t have them up/down only laying left-right unfortunately