How do I get the character to lay on the bed?

First =

  1. @cut to INT. YOUR BEDROOM - DAY
    @cut to INT. KITCHEN - DAY
    This is not correct.

You can’t cut to a background. You can only cut to zone within a background. Just write the background without cutting to it.

Do you want her to go from the bedroom to the kitchen?

I want her to walk into the bedroom and show the whole room if that makes sense?

OK, so you just want her to walk into the bedroom, show the whole room and zoom back to where she’s standing, not have her walk across the whole room, right?

that’s right.

Here’s an example:


@ERIN enters from left to screen left
@ERIN is think
@pan to zone 4 in 2.5
@pause for 0.7
@pan to zone 1 in 2.5

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Let me know how it goes :smiley:

Amazing thanks. Second is this

It is:
@ADAM enters from right to screen right

Also u don’t need to spot direct Britney again if u already spot directed her in the scene.

I am trying to get him in the same scene as her and it did not work.

If she’s in zone 2, then make him walk to zone 2 by either using spot directing or regular position (how to do it mentioned above)

You can’t do that.


@follow ADAM to screen center in zone 2


&pan to zone 2 in 3
@ADAM walks to spot 1.250 212 32 in zone 2 in 3

I did what you said and it is still not working.

You can NOT have spot 1.250 80 5 and enters (from) left to screen…on the same line.

Omg I got it. How do you change the characters clothes while she is being changed?

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit Name

How would there choices for outfits?

I’m trying to figure out how he can change her.