How do I get the. Characters To “do it “ in the bed

So placement is hard idk what background to use or how to get them the bed (if that make sense) can someone help me and this is for a Ll story

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The ‘best’ way to do it is by using a bed background and sheets overlay so that it looks like the characters are under the sheets. Here’s how to do it :slight_smile:

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Thank you

please remember sex is against the guide lines, the app is 13 and up,


Would be the first story which doesn’t include sex.
It’s theme in almost in every story, you just can’t show it.


its episodes own rules, its not my job to uphold them, I just follow them and remind others that the guidelines exist.

As line123462 said, keep in mind the guidelines and that the app is for 13+. Characters can be in the bed before and after but as Aykay was saying you can’t show it. Such as during it, you can’t depict it happening this includes trying to show it such as moaning, body movements, or describing it in words. They can be in bed before it’s going to happen and after but you can’t have it onscreen while it’s occurring. Just double check the guidelines to make sure you’re within them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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