How do I get this hidden animation?


Heyyy guys! I’ve read a few stories where the male and female characters are completely still but there eyes are widened like they’re in shock. Does anyone know the name of this animation? :)))


Maybe after shush or fingersnap


Yeah, I’ve heard that before but I have no idea how to just get the part I want. Melissa Lavone did it on her story Bad Boy Roomate.


Here’s how:


Thanks so much! :))))


Not sure if you are reading the link but I think some make a new character and off screen make it do the animation then switch the other character with normal one and once you want them to talk just switch it back to the other


it’s not hidden, it’s the expression after they finished an animation


Okay, I’ll try them both. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought it was hard to find :joy: thanks for letting me know though :slight_smile:


you’re welcome