How Do I Give My Characters A Good Personality!

Hi everybody. Since I’m towards the end of writing the second episode, because I’m waiting for an overlay to be approved, I need help in continuing the angry banter between the MC and her soon-to-be ex. Because I plan on having him be evil, since he was only being nice to the MC so that he could sleep with her as a bet by his friends, even though there will be more to it.

Furthermore, I need a good personality for him. And here’s a pic of him if you guys need any inspiration:

And also, his name is going to be Benito Ramirez. So, if anyone has any good ideas for his personality, let me know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

A guy who would do something that shitty just to win a bet cares way too much about what other people think of him. I’d make him insecure, and have him hide those insecurities with rudeness. Maybe he would refuse to be seen with anyone who was doing/wearing something embarrassing, because of how it would make him look.

Obvi I don’t know anything about your story but an idea for a character-development scene + conflict might be that he has a younger sister who, like, wears an alien headband to school. She adores him and comes up to him at lunch. Everyone else thinks it’s cute and funny, but it embarrasses him so he tells her to get lost.


Oooh. That sounds like a great idea. And do you have any good names for the little sister? Because I might make her too. :slight_smile:

Y’know what’s an objectively great name? Isabelle. :wink:

Isabelle Ramírez. Has a great ring to it. and how old do you think she should be and her personality?

And I’ve just gotten through making her and her outfit.

Here’s the outfit and tell me if you think it’s appropriate for a 14-year-old. because that’s how old she’s going to be for now and also, because she’s going to turn 15 and have a Sweet 15 in the middle of my story:

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